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About Us

The Loaded Vault was created with a single purpose in mind: to provide you with the perfect accents to your existing wardrobe. We provide high quality accessories, expert fashion knowledge, and dedicated staff to make sure you look as good as you know you should. Whether you're looking for the perfect complements to a casual or classy look, we've got you covered. Watches, sunglasses, ties, crazy socks and more are waiting for you.

Management Profile

Jason Gammon

Jason is in charge of operations. He sources our products, finds the designers, and makes sure packing and shipping goes smoothly. Jason grew up in San Diego and has a Southern Californian style through and through. Jason spent his college years working at Nordstrom, which taught him about fashion and inspired an appreciation for helping people explore their personal style through clothes and accessories. Jason spent years running his long-time family business before joining the team. Now, Jason is combining his business and fashion expertise as a founding member of the The Loaded Vault team.

Daniel Guerzon

Daniel handles our tech and our creative ends. Daniel is an award winning educator by day, and photographer and creator by night. He combines his passions by being able to help develop our brand and its appeal, as well as finding ways to help take the complicated world of fashion and find simpler ways to explain it to the customers (and sometimes the rest of the team, too).

Alex Moen

Alex is in charge of sales and customer service. Alex is excited to lead a company that he is the best customer for. He has run 12 other companies over the years and has the know-how to create a great company. He grew up in San Diego, then lived in Korea and China for a couple years while traveling and running a side business, and more recently ran businesses in Texas and Georgia before making his way back home to Southern California.