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The Loaded Vault really enjoys hearing from our customers. Here is a the tip of the iceberg.

Our feedback

"S/O... for keeping me fresh all the way in South Korea! They even noticed I was military and sent a personal thank you card. Appreciate it much!"


"The skeleton key tie clip was my favorite piece in the box. The pocket square was very different from any I have saw before. Still classy but different. I really liked the print on it. The cufflinks were also great. Business type accessories is what I like"

-Nathan H.

"For those of you that don't know what to get your 20-something son who seems to have everything, this is the ideal gift. He never knows what's coming, he actually uses the gifts, and is pleasantly surprised by what shows up in the mail. I recommend it highly." Darcy W

-Darcy W.

"The box I received was spot on! Can't wait until my next box!"


"I just want to say that this stuff is so fabulous and I recommend it to all my guy friends who need to wear a suit because accessories are the things that get them, and I recommend anyone get this!" -Susi H

-Susi H.

"Just opened my new box and it's amazing! Love not only the items but the box layout to! I am about to write a review now. Thank you again for getting in contact and enjoy your holiday season! Thoroughly impressed"

-Matthew P.

"I really liked the box a lot... I liked having everything right there in the box ready to go with my outfit."


"I loved this box keep it up! The items were great and high quality. I'm so greatful!"

-Eugene B.

"The price was good for the items in the box"

-Jarrod B.

"Extremely happy with what I received looks awesome for the price!"

-Cole L.

"Overall, love the stuff you guys send out. Always a good day getting that box in the mail!"

-Tommy Q.

"The pocket square is cool. I love the cufflinks, they have a cool retro vibe to them and I love the square clean lines with the checkers. They're stylish at any age, but I think anyone over the age of 40 should add a little edge to their wardrobe. It's a great box."


"Thanks for this one!"

-Edouard R.

"I am Happy with the box. Comes with Business type but very original accessories. Your accessories won't be the same as someone else in your office or on the street. If you like a serious, classy, and original look this is the box for you."


"I need to dress nice, and I got my first ... package today, with a great watch and a sweet belt that I really need. And, thank you to the guys over there. I love the product."

-Larry M.

"This is an awesome deal!"

-Katie B.

"Cool bracelet, cool watch, cool tie, super excited"

-Craig G.

"Love those cufflinks"

-Anson C.

"Being an older conservative guy, seeing the new looks really makes me feel youthful"

-Harvey B.

"Honestly OBSESSED!"


"If you're interested in experimenting with your style, the finds in this box are a good motivation to do so! I WILL say that my partner, who is usually VERY unassuming in terms of the clothes he wears, is unexpectedly smitten with those bright, patterned socks, to the point where he's thinking that snazzy socks might become his "thing". As a gal who likes to have a million "things" going on at once in her wardrobe, I'm THRILLED at this style breakthrough :)"

-Anna R.

"I love a man who's secure enough in himself to wear floral, & not afraid to break out of the traditional, drab, "masculine patterns/colors!"


"For someone who likes to be different from everybody else, I think this is a great way to be able to change up a person's looks"

-Brenda G.

"I like the tie!"

-Wendy E.

"Well, the first time I saw this ... product, this subscription box that came with a tie and cufflinks and a watch and different things, and I thought what a great item for a college student or someone starting off with their life. It makes a great gift. I even have an older friend with this and he says he gets lots of compliments with the watch that he gets and the tie. It's an amazing deal and I highly recommend it for a gift or personal use."

-Marilyn O.

"Colorful socks are always fun"


"Looks cool!"

-Chris C.

"I love the concept!"


"I loved the burgundy hand knit tie and have received many compliments on it! I have recommended for some friends and coworkers to sign up and start getting their own box since I brag about it to them each month."


"Really liked the color selections."

-John J.